Tréimhse Foghlama sa Ghaeltachta

Course Details :

  • Full Board accommodation with Bean an Tí

  • All classes take place on Coláiste Gharumna’s Campus

  • All services in the Coláiste are free of charge during the duration of the course including free wifi.

  • Sample of past exam papers in SCG/OCG will be provided with answers and explanations.

  • Sample essays will be provided on current topics.

  • All course material and advice will be given on all aspects of SCG/OCG

  • Sample letters will be provided for OCG exam.

  • Recording of question and answers for OCG students.

· Students will be given sample Oral Exam        recordings to assist them with pronunciation and to practice speaking the Irish Language.

· Extra classes will be provided after 6pm for those who wish to avail of extra tuition.

· Advise on project for SCG candidates.

· Sample questions and answers for interview for teaching posts will be available to all teachers attending our Gaeltacht course.

· Sample essays and phrases will be provided for SCG exam.

· There will be sample answers for Prose and Poetry for SCG students.

· Advice given on translation from English to Irish

Course Fee €700

Coláiste Gharumna

Tir an Fhia

Leitir Móir

Co. na Gaillimhe

H91 W529

Fón: 091-551922  

Fón póca: 087-6954212

Ríomhphost: info@colaistegharumna.com

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