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Course Details :

  • Full Board accommodation with Bean an Tí

  • All classes take place on Coláiste Gharumna’s Campus

  • All services in the Coláiste are free of charge during the duration of the course including free wifi.

  • Sample of past exam papers in SCG/OCG will be provided with answers and explanations.

  • Sample essays will be provided on current topics.

  • All course material and advice will be given on all aspects of SCG/OCG

  • Sample letters will be provided for OCG exam.

  • Recording of question and answers for OCG students.

· Students will be given sample Oral Exam recordings to assist them with pronunciation and to practice speaking the Irish Language.

· Extra classes will be provided after 6pm for those who wish to avail of extra tuition.

· Advise on project for SCG candidates.

· Sample questions and answers for interview for teaching posts will be available to all teachers attending our Gaeltacht course.

· Sample essays and phrases will be provided for SCG exam.

· There will be sample answers for Prose and Poetry for SCG students.

· Advice given on translation from English to Irish

The Teaching Council of Ireland has indicated that it wants all SCG/OCG Gaeltacht courses for the 2021/22 academic year to revert to the pre-COVID traditional face to face arrangement commencing with the Mid Term break in October. This includes the total immersive experience in the Gaeltacht. Accordingly, Coláiste Gharumna  will provide this course in-person in Lettermore.

SCG/OCG Gaeltacht Courses 2021/22

Gaeltacht Course for the SCG/OCG exam and Teachers who have completed the SCG/OCG

Course Dates 2021/2022

25/10/21 - 30/10/21

21/02/22 - 26/02/22

11/04/22 - 16/04/22

18/04/22 - 23/04/22

         The classes cover:

  • Oral Irish (Scrúdú Cainte) SCG/OCG

  • Grammer (Gramadach) SCG/OCG

  • Translations (Aistriucháin) SCG/OCG

  • Writing (Scríobhneoireacht)

  • Essay (Aiste) SCG

  • Letter (Litir) OCG

  • Teaching of Irish (Múineadh na Gaeilge) SCG

  • Comprehension (Léamhthuiscint) SCG/OCG

  • School Visits (Cuairteanna Scoile)

  • Online course material will also cover Prose and Poetry for SCG students. 

  • Further information on the SCG/OCG courses can be found at